“EC has encouraged me to see every challenge and issue as an opportunity to think strategically. By asking questions that help me stay true to my school's mission and vision, EC helps me problem-solve in a way that not only serves my institution well in the moment, but also positions our school well for what is to come."

Gretchen Forsyth, Head of School, Glen Urquhart School, MA

Identify your strengths, pinpoint your opportunities, clarify your strategy, and gain traction on the mission you stand by.

We know what it takes to run a successful school. We provide management consulting services in every aspect of school operations.

In addition to assisting with Head of School and Senior Administrative searches, we provide wide-ranging support in areas such as strategic planning, governance, conflict resolution, board training, audits of school departments (e.g. development, admissions, etc.), executive coaching, organizational design, and feasibility studies.

Your school has a pulse. Regardless of how we serve, this is where we start.

This ensures that we engage a holistic and systematic approach to problem solving.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

High functioning schools are those that effectively plan for the future and do so with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Tailoring our approach to fit each school’s unique needs, EC assists by offering: mission review; retreat planning and facilitation; organization of steering committee and task forces; focus group facilitation for constituent interests; mission and vision statements, core values, goals/objectives and effective action plans.


When the Board of Trustees is in need of clarity about its role or is ineffective in performing it, a school is less likely to fulfill its mission, and the Head less likely to be successful. EC can provide assistance in several ways: board training; orientation of new trustees; community workshops and retreats; Head and/or Board Chair transitions; and coaching through crisis.

Team Building

Whether you are transitioning to new leadership, are a seasoned leader at your school or just want your team to communicate more effectively, EC partners are able to offer facilitated group assessments for your administrative team. With feedback specific to the personalities and skills of your senior leadership members, we help you identify the particular roles each individual can play to ensure your team operates at its highest level.

Coaching + Mentoring

Heading a school can be a daunting task, and Heads often feel isolated from authentic feedback. EC partners—all experienced school leaders themselves—can provide invaluable professional development to both new and veteran school leaders in areas such as: strengthening relationships with key constituencies, including the Board; negotiating unfamiliar financial terrain; managing multiple and often conflicting demands; and navigating through difficult personnel problems. Our counsel can provide a valuable third-party perspective, enabling the Head to fortify his or her leadership style while charting a course for personal growth and advancement.

Effectiveness Assessments

Partners from EC can offer an unbiased perspective on whether a school’s key administrative departments are operating most effectively and in accordance with accepted standards of “best practices.” By interviewing appropriate stakeholders, examining functionality, and reviewing documents, we are able to conduct a thorough audit of departments such as development, admissions, business, athletics, etc. and provide recommendations for sustained success.

Special Projects

Periodically, every school faces unusual challenges about which there may be little institutional knowledge, but which may have significant impact upon the school’s future health. The expertise of EC partners can greatly benefit schools with projects such as: expansion of school size; refocus of school mission; identification of interim leaders and administrators; conflict resolution; leadership transition planning; moving to a new campus; and feasibility studies.

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