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"EC proved to be the right partner from the start. They assembled a strong, diverse pool of candidates with the requisite skills needed to help move our school to the next level. We recommend them to anyone."
— Lee Clark, Search Co-chair, Near North Montessori School, IL

Head Of School And Senior Administrative Searches

Your culture, ethos, history, traditions and needs are unique.
As search experts, our job starts with recognizing and understanding those needs.
Each of our partners has an extensive database of professional contacts. This enables us to find and recruit strong and diverse candidates–individuals who will add to the culture of your school and propel it forward in its mission.
When it comes to leadership transitions, challenges are inevitable. At EC, we see these challenges as opportunities and we help you meet them.​
Educators Collaborative has assisted hundreds of schools with finding, attracting, and transitioning Heads of School. This includes not only independent day and boarding schools but educational associations, faith-based schools, religiously affiliated schools and charter schools.​
And while we haven’t yet seen it all, we’ve seen a lot—enough to know that the hiring process doesn’t end once the candidate is selected.​
This is why we stay beside you throughout the entire arc of the journey.

Senior Administrative Searches

A Head of School may have no more important task than building a strong administrative team. Yet, the hiring of new senior administrators is a time-consuming responsibility–one all too often added to the Head's many other duties.
Engaging experienced consultants to assist with search, recruitment and onboarding enables the Head to focus on more pressing responsibilities while ensuring the care, commitment and execution of a thorough and culturally sensitive search process–the kind the school community wants and deserves.
What's more, our consultants bring an unbiased perspective. This ensures the true needs of the position are identified and fulfilled.
This makes for a truly successful search.
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