Head of School
Start Date: July 1, 2022 or sooner
Coed Day School K – 12
80 Students
2409 Crewsell Road Bel Air, MD

About the School

The Highlands School is an EF Smart School that specializes in educating students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other language-based learning differences. Founded in 1996, The Highlands School was originally located in Street, Maryland. In 2007, we moved to our current state-of-the-art facility which is located on a beautiful 18-acre campus in Bel Air, Maryland that was once home to the Preakness-winning racehorse Deputed Testamony. 


The Highlands School is intended for bright and creative children in K through 12th grade with dyslexia, ADHD, and language-based learning differences. We instill hope and confidence in our students by fostering a positive and nurturing environment. We focus on teaching our students methods to help them realize their strengths, overcome frustrations, and achieve academic and social success.

About the Position

The Head of School, also known as Principal, is responsible for the daily operation of The Highlands School. The Head of School will be expected to work collaboratively as a member of the leadership team with the Educational Directors, Development/Business Office Director and Admissions Director. He/she should expect to interact with Board members, administrators, faculty and staff, students, parents, volunteers, professionals, community partners and visitors to The Highlands School. The position of Head of School is directly responsible to the Executive/Finance Committee of The Highlands School Board of Directors. This is a 12-month, full-time salaried position and will involve early morning and occasional evening and weekend hours.  Duties include, but are not limited to:

Leadership, Communication and Marketing

  • Articulating and advancing The Highlands School’s mission, guiding the school to new levels of achievement, educational excellence, and broader recognition

  • In partnership with the Board of Directors, developing, articulating, implementing, and guarding the vision of the school that is shared and supported by the school

  • Understanding the unique needs of the students with learning differences; supporting and guiding students and their families; promoting the success of all students through understanding and implementing quality instructional programs

  • Building a positive school culture and creating an atmosphere of collaboration between all members of the school community

  • Representing and advancing The Highlands School with local, regional, and state organizations, including businesses and non-profit organizations, other educational institutions, and government agencies

  • Participating in the process to develop and follow a long-range strategic plan that captures the needs of the school, is mission-driven, comprehensive, fundable and can be implemented

  • Actively engaging with teachers, students, parents, and staff to understand and proactively manage issues and concerns

  • Inspiring students, faculty, and staff to levels of confidence in their abilities to achieve personal and school-wide goals

  • Engaging in the daily life of THS and community; leads or actively participates in school-wide activities

  • Building relationships with a variety of constituencies; identifying and soliciting donor prospects

  • With the Development Office, preparing and presenting proposals to private donors, corporations, foundations, and other granting agencies

  • Working directly with the Admissions Department and supporting school marketing efforts to annually meet or exceed enrollment goals. This may include working with the community of counselors, therapists, and other professionals to build advocates and partners

  • Working directly with the Development Office and the Board of Directors to help meet or exceed budgeted financial aid needs for the school year

  • Encouraging and modeling life-long learning and creating staff development


  • Supports and guides Human Resources requirements in conjunction with the Business Office

  • Supports Admissions and Highlands family community events and contributes to community outreach efforts

  • Communicates with parents regarding significant events, policy, and program changes

  • Is a member of the vetting team for admission of new students in conjunction with Educational Directors

Final Decisions

  • Manages the annual operating plan, sets short-term objectives, and measures progress and achievement

  • Helps determine faculty and staff salaries and contractual obligations along with appropriate Board committee; disseminates and collects signed personnel agreements

  • Establishes and maintains policies and procedures for hiring and dismissal decisions

  • Maintains compliance with all federal and state regulations governing non-profit organizations including maintenance of 501(c)(3) status and Form 990 requirements

  • Develops and implements a school budget; analyzing and controlling expenditures; stewarding school resources

  • Mitigates risk and creating a safe school environment

  • Consults with Director of Business/Development and Admissions Director regarding financial aid for new students

  • Coordinates with Director of Business/Development on financial aspects of school

Board of Directors

  • Attends meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive/Finance Committee of the Board

  • Communicates openly and frequently with appropriate Board committees and involved parties to ensure all are aware of issues

  • Supports Board in special projects and strategic initiatives

  • Provides input to the Board of Directors for financial concerns or creation and direction of fiscally sound operating plans and capital budgets direction (including tuition, compensation, capital expenditures, etc.)

  • Consults with and seeks consensus with appropriate Board Committee before taking action that impacts community, enrollment, or staffing

  • Collaboratively works with the Board to define and execute a long-term facilities maintenance plan

  • Prepares regular reports for the Board of Directors and its committees.


  • Ensuring the School remains in compliance with the nonpublic school requirements of MSDE

  • Maintaining standards of excellence in operation that keep the school in good standing with AIMS accreditation

  • Collaborating with Educational Directors to implement evidence-based principles into the curriculum and overall program

  • Maintaining AIMS accreditation and guidance; active member of AIMS and performs any necessary coordination

  • Representing the school in the independent school community and networks with other independent school heads to benchmark school practices including admissions, marketing, faculty recruitment, and fundraising.

  • Providing leadership and support for the development and implementation of new curricular components and programs as necessary.

  • Along with Educational Directors, recruiting highly qualified and capable faculty members and staff who will manage and direct existing academic programs and lead creative development efforts of new academic programs

  • When appropriate, teaching academic content alongside or in place of faculty members


  • In conjunction with the Educational Directors, is involved with student disciplinary decisions; With Educational Directors, articulates and assists with enforcing school-wide student behavioral expectations

  • Provides a sounding board for parents, faculty, and staff to voice ideas, questions, and concerns through both an “open door” policy and scheduled opportunities

  • Promotes and establishes open lines of communication, mutual respect, effective partnership. and common vision of the goals to be achieved with school parents

  • Mitigates any conflict that arises between parents, teachers and students

  • Ensures that every element of school life reflects the principles of equity, justice, and dignity of each individual and acts with integrity and fairness.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Evaluates designated Administrative Directors

  • Ensures annual evaluations are conducted for all staff members

How to Apply:

Candidates interested in this position are asked to submit the
following documents as soon as possible:

– Cover letter addressed to The Highlands School Search Committee

– EC cover sheet (contact EC partners for this form)

– Resume

– Statement of leadership philosophy

– A list of five or more references with contact information
(including phone numbers and email addresses) and indication of time zone

– EC Disclosure Form (contact EC partners for this form)

Application materials are to be sent in a single Word document or PDF.
Confidential Inquiries are welcomed.

Application materials and inquiries may be submitted to:

Deirdre Ling, Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC

Email: daling@comcast.net  –  Phone: 508-423-1605

Joan Beauregard, Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC

Email: jbeauregard@educatorscollaborative.com,
jbeau@comcast.net  –  Phone: 206-851-6616

Listing Date: November 26, 2021