Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations
Start Date: July 1, 2022
Coed Boarding & Day School Grade 6-PG with 212 students
63 Federal Rd Barrington, RI


St. Andrew’s School is a nurturing, challenging, and safe educational community serving students in grades 6-12 and postgraduate (PG). Our dedicated faculty and staff embrace, encourage, educate, and empower students one mind at a time. Our Episcopal heritage guides our moral and ethical values. Academic success and personal growth are promoted so that students can purposefully engage, succeed, and thrive in school and in life.

The Chapin Tradition

Forged from our founder’s deep compassion and generous spirit, The Chapin Tradition is an ethos where problem-solving and resilience are valued and each student’s self-reliant spirit is developed and celebrated. It is characterized by an enduring commitment to service, action, and inclusion.

The School

St. Andrew’s School was founded in 1893 and is a co-educational, college preparatory school serving students in Grades: 6–12 and postgraduate. Total enrollment is approximately 212 with a mix of day and boarding students. St. Andrew’s is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and has a current operating budget is $10.2 million with a $25 million Endowment. There are presently 23 members of the Board of Trustees.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

Our beautiful campus sits on approximately 80 acres in the waterfront town of Barrington, RI located approximately 7 miles southeast of Providence. There are a total of 33 buildings comprised of academic and administrative offices, student dorms and faculty housing. More information can be found at

The Position

The Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations serves as a member of the Head of School’s Cabinet Leadership Team and reports directly to and works under the direction of the Head of School. The Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations provides the Head of School and the Board detailed financial forecasts and works in partnership with the Head of School to implement the school’s strategic plan, school goals and initiatives as outlined by the Head of School. This individual is the supervisor for the Director of Facilities, Director of Business Services, and Controller and works with the Head of School and budget managers in the preparation of financial forecasts and budgets. The Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations will cultivate a strong understanding of the culture, climate and wider educational environment of the school.

Essential Functions

  • Provides reliable and accurate financial information to the Head of School; Board of Trustees, its officers and committees; external auditors; donors; federal, state, and local authorities; and others internal and external to the school as directed and necessary.

  •  Supports the Head of School in the implementation of the strategic plan and school goals and initiatives as outlined by the Head of School.

  • Oversees development and maintenance of the chart of accounts, establishment of accounting policies, and ensures internal financial control and financial regulatory compliance.

  • Assumes administrative responsibility for the School’s endowment and investments and provides appropriate information on invested funds. Implements decisions of the Board’s Investment Committee; coordinates with the investment manager and other custodians of the School’s funds to implement effective endowment allocation, performance, and reporting.

  • Directs all fiscal activities including all general ledger activities, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank deposits, account reconciliations, and financial reports.

  • Oversees the business office role in the preparation and distribution of enrollment contracts.

  •  Works with the Head of School and Human Resources to prepare and budget for employment contracts and benefit programs.

  • Assists in maintaining congruency between the school’s Board-approved Mission Statement, the Long Range and Strategic Financial Plan and all activities of the business department.

  • Supports and adheres to school policies in all areas of the School’s operation.

  •  Supports the Employee and School Handbooks and assists with revisions and updates, when necessary, of the school’s business office policies and procedures.

  • Is assessed by the Head of School through the Annual Review Process.

Essential Tasks

  • Works as part of the Cabinet focusing on strategy, vision, and leadership for all aspects of the mission, vision, and ethos of the School.

  • Establishes and maintains relationships with banks, auditors, school attorneys, other financial institutions, and insurance brokers.

  • Takes responsibility for the details of cash control and management and reports fraud.

  •  Signs contracts and checks on behalf of the School.

  •  Serves as the primary contact with the dining program vendors for both campuses. Coordinates with vendors, Head of School, and division leadership on dining program matters.

  • Participates in the financial assistance awarding process and the resulting preparation and distribution of financial assistance enrollment contract addenda.

  • Oversees purchasing, inventory control, and regulatory compliance according to established laws, policies, rules, and regulations and establishes internal controls and procedures.

  • Supports committees of the Board of Trustees as directed by the Head of School. Serves as the primary staff member for the Finance and Investment Committees and prepares reports and models as needed.

  • Attends Executive Committee meetings and Board meetings as required.

  •  Maintains a strategic financial plan and overall financial model that will demonstrate the trends and requirements of the School’s development plan and will forecast future year’s cash budgets and positions.

  • Proactively works with staff and the Head of School on alternative revenue streams and various financial models to ensure the long-term financial health for the School.

  • Keeps the Head of School informed of all the School’s financial affairs and condition.

  •  Develops, researches, and attends professional development offerings.

  •  Is knowledgeable about relevant software; uses both financial and enrollment management modules and/or other school management software programs.

  • Completes various tasks related to the employee’s yearly goals and the School’s long range and strategic financial plan.

  • Evaluates the Business Office’s strengths and weaknesses and develops goals/plans and systems that will improve department performance and customer service in accordance with the School’s strategic plan.

  • Coordinates all aspects of the School’s risk management.

  •  Supports all budget managers and provides training as needed.

  •  Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School.

  •  S/he may be required to work remotely or engage in telework activity as determined by the Head of School

Desired Qualities & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required, MBA or CPA preferred.

  •  10-15 years of senior-level experience creating and executing financial planning and management strategies.

  • An engaged presence throughout the community

  •  Outstanding leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively and proactively with all members of the community, the Head of School, and the Board to evaluate and improve business processes and operations and to advance the mission of the School.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage a team of senior direct reports in diverse administrative and operational areas.

  • A passion for innovation and experience as a relentless problem-solver who takes initiative and contributes as a solution-oriented, business-minded strategic thinker.

  • A sophisticated understanding of the complexities of an independent boarding/day school.

  •  Thorough understanding of best practices around technology systems and processes. 

  •  Outstanding written and oral communication skills.

Challenges & Opportunities

St. Andrew’s new Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations will join the school community during a time of great growth and opportunity. The School is nearing the successful completion of a strategic plan launched by the Head of School upon his appointment in 2015. 

The School is poised to begin a new strategic planning process that will look toward expansion and growth within both its school year and auxiliary programs. The Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations will play a significant role in that process. In addition to offering big picture financial expertise and strategy, the Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations must implement efficient and innovative tools, workflows, and project management within the business office that will support the School’s ambitious vision. While keeping a sharp eye on the School’s bottom line, the successful Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations must also be able to consider and address how decisions and processes in the business office impact all stakeholders — faculty, staff, administrators, families, and students.

While the School has made substantial progress in decreasing its debt to endowment ratio, there is disciplined work that remains to be done to ensure the School’s solid financial footing. The School has benefitted from steady, disciplined growth in the endowment, which has included decreasing the annual draw; however this has created pressure on tuition and non-tuition revenue generating sectors of the School to cover operating costs. Additionally, the School’s deferred maintenance is considerable. A successful Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations will need to pioneer smart, strategic ways to support continued efforts to innovate and expand without taking on more debt.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in this position are asked to submit the materials listed below in one single Word or PDF document by January 10, 2022.

– EC Candidate Summary Sheet

– Cover letter addressed to the Head of School

– Resume

– Statement of educational leadership

– A list of five or more references with contact information
(including phone numbers and email addresses)

– Up to three letters of reference (optional)

Please email any inquiries or expressions of interest to:
Deirdre A. Ling, Partner, Educators Collaborative,

Listing Date: November 17, 2021