Thinking Outside of the Box

Creative thinkers will be the ones who will see more variation in possible approaches to issues, big and small. Like the teacher who used ChatGPt to her advantage in her 6th grade classroom

When the Only Constant is Change

Pause for a minute and consider some of the issues that schools and school leaders are experiencing, including the BLM and Me Too movements, a pandemic, school gun violence, climate change, social media and its impact on student mental health, AI, and the politicization of LGBTQIA2S+ communities.

Positive Take-Aways from the Pandemic?

Here are 10 question from the specific to the big picture, to, hopefully, get the creative thinking or discussion flowing for you, your administrative team, and maybe even your board of trustees.

Resume Basics

Resume Basics Brenda Hamm | January 10th, 2023 This is the last in a series of three articles about the primary components of your written application materials: cover letter, educational leadership philosophy statement, and resume. Your cover letter makes it clear that you understand the school’s mission and some of their upcoming challenges. Your personal statement,… Continue reading Resume Basics

A Headmaster’s daughter

A Headmaster’s Daughter Becca Hamm Conard | January 15th, 2023 I woke up to my phone ringing. It was 4am and the caller ID said ‘Marcus.’ Looking outside I saw clear skies, and listening carefully I heard movement down the hallway. Bracing myself for the conversation, I flipped my phone open and said without introduction, “He’s… Continue reading A Headmaster’s daughter

Lessons from the Camino

Lessons from the Camino Tracy Bennett | January 14th, 2023 Sitting on the edge of my bunk in the cramped hostel (albergue) in Spain, I gingerly rubbed lotion into my tender and blistered feet. Today was hard. Even though I considered myself a seasoned pilgrim, 10 days into my second 500-mile Camino trek, I was tired… Continue reading Lessons from the Camino

Independent Spirit

Independent Spirit André Withers | October 25th, 2022 Not long after I’d started my first job in an independent school, I visited a friend at Cranbrook Schools (MI). The visit wasn’t particularly remarkable then, but about 10 years ago, when I was trying to come up with ideas for a student activities project, I recalled… Continue reading Independent Spirit

Writing an Educational Philosophy Statement

Writing an Educational Leadership Philosophy Statement Brenda Hamm | September 5, 2022You want me to write an educational leadership philosophy statement? What’s that? As you may recall from EC’s last newsletter, visualizing the three primary components of your written application (the resume, personal statement, and cover letter) as a Venn diagram, with each represented by… Continue reading Writing an Educational Philosophy Statement

Culture Shock

Culture Shock? Pilar Cabeza de Vaca | September 2, 2022 Having spent many years leading orientation programs for American teachers who are recruited to work in international schools for the first time, I’m familiar with the stages of culture shock one undergoes when moving to a new country.  First there is the excitement of an… Continue reading Culture Shock